Title : New Session Circular (Classes X & XII)


Circular: FEB/002/2020                                                                                                                                                                      Date:   25th Feb 2020



My dear students

You have now reached a very significant stage of life where your entire focus should be to gear up properly for an effective beginning. Discipline and proper time-management shall be the key factors that are going to shape the result of your efforts. Put aside the frivolities and prioritise tasks at hand.

The following tips may be incorporated by you to gain maximum benefits:

  1. You must draft a written time-table clearly marking your study- schedule. This should mention both the number of study hours and the content to be learnt.
  2. Devote more time to the subject that you find challenging.
  3. Balance written revision with oral learning.
  4. Always test yourself after completing a topic- Test papers available in library.
  5. Stay hydrated and eat healthy meals at regular intervals.
  6. Take plenty of fluids and sleep 8 hrs a day.
  7. Set aside half an hour for any outdoor physical game at least four days in a week.
  8. Practise meditation or yoga daily for 15 mins.
  9. Be regular to school. Remember you need guidance and regularity that is provided only by the school.

I have full faith in your abilities. I also know that you are sincere and committed. My best wishes and full support for all of you at all the times. Go ahead that ‘extra mile’ and shine like a star!



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Title : Competitions Postponed

Upcoming Events 

Following competitions have been postponed to 22nd October, 2019 due to Haryana Govt. Elections

Diya / Lamp/ Candle Decoration / Paper Rangoli Competition (Grade I –II)

Diya / Lamp/Candle Decoration (III to V)

Kalash/ Pot/ Thali Decoration (VI to VIII)

Vandanvaar/ Lamp/ Wall Hangings (IX to XII)


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