The School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Affiliation number 530340. The academic year begins in April and the Final Examinations are conducted in March of the following year. The medium of instruction is English. Due importance is given to Hindi in the curriculum, and relentless efforts are made to ensure that each student reaches a high standard in the language. A third language is taught in the Middle School, for which an option between Sanskrit and Punjabi is available.

Courses Of Study

For X Class

Five Compulsory Subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science

Compulsory optional skill based subject available: Information Technology (IT)

For 12th Class : Four Streams
Non-Medical Medical Commerce Humanities
Business Studies
Political Science
Physical Education (Optional)
Fine Arts (Optional)

Attendance, Absence Leave Rules

  • Every student must complete 80% of the school attendance to qualify for appearance in the annual Examination.
  • No leave applications will be entertained if it is not properly signed by the guardians / parents.
  • Attendance at the school functions, Co-curricular activities and extra classes is compulsory.
  • Students absenting during the unit tests, terminals exams, or worksheets without the permission of the Principal, will be fined.

Suggestion To Parents

  • Please ensure that your child comes to the school in a proper and neat school uniform (A handkerchief should be pinned up on child's dress)
  • Name of the child school be written on each belonging of the child. Do not allow your child to bring costly / dangerous items to the school. School will not be responsible for any article lost.
  • Absence of your child from school for attending social functions should be discouraged. It is essential that the school be informed when a child is unable to attend the school. Children should not be absent on the closing day/re-opening day or whenever there is a School Function.
  • Since the child will be observed on the basis of his regular performance, parents are advised to attend to their child regularity. Check your child’s diary carefully, Sign on the acknowledgements.
  • Someone should be there at the gate to receive the child back from the school.
  • If a child wanted back at home urgently for any reason during school hours, the escort should have a written note from the parents bearing the signatures identical to the specimen signature entered in the Admission Form / Diary.
  • The Child should not be sent to school, if suffering from any infection disease or if there are such case at home. In case of illness, a leave application must reach the school without delay.
  • To inculcate self-discipline among children, parents are expected to be strict in punctuality, regular attendance habitual cleanliness and truthfulness.
  • The child should be encouraged to cultivate a feeling of respect for the teachers and elders.
  • If the child is not making desired progress, discuss with the Teacher / Principal either by appointment or at the PTM. Guardians will not visit their wards or teachers in the class-rooms without the permission of the Principal.


The School is justifiably proud of a spacious, very well stocked, open-shelf library designed to encourage students to develop an interest in a variety of subjects, and to allow them the facility of research and indepth study. State-of-the-art, well equipped laboratories provide excellent facilities in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, History and Geography. Computer Science is compulsory up to Class X and is offered both as a subject and as a co-curricular activity thereafter. The School makes extensive use of audio-visual ICT-enabled teaching aids. There is great emphasis on project work and students are encouraged to use the library and carry out reference work. Independent thinking and learning through discussions and group activities is encouraged.

Greater Education Programmes

A group of students helped by a staff member, research, co-ordinate and present a topic outside of the school syllabus in front of the entire School community for students and teachers.

Live Learning

There is an active emphasis on real learning which is fostered through Educational Trips to other parts of the country and visits to institutions and industries. Professionals from all fields are invited to give talks and run workshops for staff and students.