The new academic session begins in early April every year. Classes are designated as follows:-
Class Age of Start of Academics Session
Nur 3 Years
Jr. K.G. 4 Years
Sr. K.G. 5 Years
I 6 Years
II 7 Years
III 8 Years
IV 9 Years
V 10 Years
VI 11 Years
VII 12 Years
VIII 13 Years
IX 14 Years
X 15 Years
XI 16 Years
XII 17 Years

Admissions are offered in Classes Nursery to XII, subject to the availability of seats. The lower age limit and upper age limit for admission in the School is 3+ and not more than 4 years as on 31st March of the year of joining the School in Nursery. Similarly, correlation of age and class to which admission is sought is an essential requirement.

In Class XI, admission is on the basis of Board Examination results and an Aptitude/Proficiency Assessment to be held and subsequent qualification on the Merit List. The school allows students to take subjects across the three streams: Humanities, Commerce and Science.

Procedure for Registration

An application for registration is the first stage of the admissions process. A registration fee must be sent along with the application so that the child's name may be registered for the year and class for which admission is sought. The fee is neither refundable nor adjustable and it is valid only for the specified academic year. Registration of a child is not a guarantee of her admission.

Requirements at the Time Of Registration:

  • One recent passport size photograph of the child has to be attached.
  • The completed Registration card must be sent along with an attested photocopy of the student's Birth Certificate and the Registration Fee.
  • The Birth Certificate should be issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths of the area in which the child was born. Affidavits, certificates from the hospital, or certificates from any other person are not accepted. The Birth Certificate should not be dated more than one year after the date of birth.

Aptitude/Proficiency Assessment

Every child registered for admission into classes LKG to XII is expected to appear for an Aptitude/Proficiency Assessment at the school.

Offers of admission are given on the basis of the results of these Assessments and depend on the number of vacancies in each class. Some preference is given to children of transferable Government officials and serving Armed Forces personnel. Preference is also given to those whose real siblings have studied or are at present studying in the School.

For admission to Class XI, however, there is no mark-up since this depends on the Board examination results.

Any requests for other preferential treatment are not entertained. Only in very rare and exceptional cases, the members of society reserve the right to exercise its discretion in the matter of admissions.

The student is also required to pass a medical fitness test.

Documents Required at the Time Of Admission

The following documents are required as a part of the Admissions procedure for every student applying for admission:-

  • Original Birth Certificate
    The original birth certificate must be brought to the School at the time of admission. This is returned after verification. Misrepresentation or falsification of date of birth will result in cancellation of admission forthwith.
  • Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate
    A valid Transfer Certificate from the School last attended, issued by the Principal immediately prior to the child joining Parth Public School as well as a Character Certificate, are essential requirements and must be submitted on the day that the child joins School. In addition, the student is required to present the last Report Card indicating promotion to the next class. Until the Transfer Certificate and other documents are received by Parth the child’s admission is considered as provisional.
  • Medical Certificate
    All new entrants are required to produce a medical certificate certifying that they are free from any contagious or infectious disease and are otherwise physically fit to be admitted to school. The parents must give an undertaking in writing to this effect.
  • Photographs
    Three recent passport size photographs are required to be submitted by each student.
  • Migration Certificate
    This is required for admission to Class XI in the case of students from Boards other than the CBSE.

Re-Registration For Classes Nursery To XII

All registrations are done for a particular year and for the class requested for by the parent.

If a parent wishes to re-register, an additional fee is charged and a fresh registration number issued to the child.

However, re-registration of a child who has either not cleared the Assessment or whose Registration has lapsed for any other reason, must be done within a year of the lapse, failing which full registration fees have to be paid again.

Additional Requirements For Class Xi Registration

  • An appropriate Late Fee is charged for those who approach the School for registration after the student’s Class X Board Examination results have been declared.
  • Attested copies of the Class X Board results and a Character Certificate from the Principal of the applicant’s present school should be sent as soon as the Board results are declared.
  • The original Mark Sheet and Character Certificate may please be brought to the School at the time of admission; these are returned after verification.
  • Students are shortlisted on the basis of their results in the Class X Board Examinations. Shortlisted candidates are required to sit for an Aptitude/Proficiency Assessment in the concerned subjects.


The School offers several Scholarships each year to deserving students studying in Parth Public School.

Scholarships are available on applications received from the parents and are decided on the basis of means. Parents of students aspiring to join the School in the coming year may also apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are revised annually for which fresh applications need to be submitted every year on a proforma available at the School office.

Parents of students wishing to apply for a Scholarship must request for the necessary form from the School every year.

Conduct and Discipline

The School feels strongly that children must learn the value of discipline. Once the parents entrust their child to our care, we expect the parents and the child to follow the rules of the School.

A student found guilty of a serious breach of discipline can be summarily expelled from the School without any liability on the part of the institution and the dues paid will not be refundable.

If during the academic session, the School authorities are complicated in any litigation either by the student or by her Parent/Guardian, the School authorities reserve the right to cancel the admission of the concerned student without any prior notice, in order to maintain discipline and to safeguard the healthy atmosphere of the School from being vitiated.

Accidents: Although the School takes all normal precautions, it does not take any responsibility for accidents or vis major.

Rules Of Discipline

  • Every student should carry his / her school diary to school.
  • Children must be in their respective class rooms at least ten minutes before the time fixed for the assembly during which they pray together.
  • No child is permitted to leave the school premises without permission of the Principal which will be granted only at the specific written request of the parents/guarding.
  • On School days and on all functions, children should wear the school uniform. Children who come to class without the proper school uniform must bring a note of excuse from their parents, else they will be send back home and fined.
  • Running, playing, shouting and whistling inside the school building is not allowed.
  • Care must be shown for all school property and no pupil should scratch or spoil the desks or chairs or damage any other objects, write or draw anything on the wall, or in any way damage things belonging to others.
    Damage done will have to be made good by the one who does it.
    Anyone who sees something damaged should report the matter to the authorities, even if he/she does not know who has done it.
    No Pupil should bring razors, blades or any other sharp instrument to school.
  • All the students should be particularly careful about not throwing any paper seeds etc. anywhere in the school premises.
    They should use bins especially provided for the purpose.
  • No books (other than the text and library books) newspapers or periodicals should be brought to the school premises without the principal’s permission else they will e confiscated. The same holds good for other things like transistors etc.
  • All students must communicate in English in the school premises.
  • Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged between the students.
  • No collection for any purpose whatsoever is to be started and no meeting, demonstration, party or picnic may be held without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Presents to the members of the staff or other demonstration in their honour also requires prior sanction of the Principal.
  • The school campus is strictly a NO TOBACCO ZONE. There is zero tolerance for any type of violation in this regard.